I signed up with Tracy for some health coaching because I was feeling totally hopeless about my eating habits. I would eat healthy for a time but would quickly find myself reverting back to old unhealthy habits. My weight would yo-yo up and down which affected how I felt about myself. I was always feeling down and it would be hard to get myself back up. Each time my weight ballooned up I felt more of a failure each time. This is why I wanted to stop.

I spent some time talking to Tracy about the program and what I could expect and knew that this would be exactly what I needed.

The health coaching exceeded all my expectations!!  I thought this would be just a diet and fitness based program but I soon realised that it was much much more than that.  It was also about having a healthy mind! Tracy took a totally holistic approach and looked into all aspects of my life and with her gentle guidance it was quickly discovered that there was some emotional baggage I was carrying from my past that was preventing me to getting where I wanted to be.  Suddenly everything made sense!! It was what Tracy called an AHA moment!! With Tracy’s guidance we worked together on strategies to better cope with the emotional moments that I may have and has equipped me with skills I need to manage my eating when I feel I may be slipping back into old habits.

Since being with Tracy I have lost 11 kgs and even through a recent health scare I have managed to keep my eating under control.  I no longer focus just on my weight. I put just as much importance on my emotional health and self-care.  I feel like I have control back and I feel as though I can use all the skills I have learnt in all aspects of my life not just on food. I am definitely healthier but more important I am happier!

I am so glad I did the health coaching with Tracy and am excited to keep going on this wellness journey. Tracy still follows up on me to make sure I am going ok and I love that accountability. I would love to thank you so much for motivating me to change my eating habits in a slow and manageable way but to also making me a happier person.

Denise – March 2020

Before finding Buzzfit I had tried every fad diet out there. I tried gyms and classes and trying to do it on my own . Having a foot injury I was finding harder and harder to lose the weight I was so unhappy within myself I didn’t realize how miserable I really was.

After finding Buzzfit and speaking to Tracy for the first time i just knew she understood me I was determined to stick to it. Tracy was nothing but encouraging and welcoming and promised we would work and my pace and abilities. And that Tracy did. Tracy worked side by side with me, guided me and kept me on track physically and mentally, it felt like I had known her for ages she was so easy to talk to and was always there to correct techniques encouragingly, no matter how many times she had to show me how to do something.

As Tracy gradually built up my confidence I was starting to feel like a completely different person. I was loving the workouts no session is ever the same and the atmosphere is great. Tracy is always challenging me with different challenges and workouts.

I can honestly say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Tracy has shown me the nutrients side of it and guided me to a healthy lifestyle and life change for the better . I will never go back to the old person I walked in as. Mel


Thank you for allowing me to unlock my true thoughts and feelings and then understand how they can affect my body. 

Not only are you easy to talk too, but you made me laugh, cry, be uncomfortable and naughty whilst assisting me to bring back that better version of my old self. I haven’t completed my journey because its ongoing, but I’m very clear on what’s important and what I want, without the guilt but drive to get it. All your handly tools, tips and subconscious changes are just apart of me now so I know I will succeed. Thank you for been so positive, supportive and holding me accountable whilst secretly digging deep into my core. 



I recently completed BuzzFit’s 90 day Transformation Program and in doing so have regained my motivation to live a healthier and happier life.

I started the course fully aware I needed to make significant lifestyle changes but I was stuck figuring out where to start or what to do. We’re so overwhelmed with conflicting information. Any ‘health kicks’ I started were short lived and I’d just end up frustrated at myself for not sticking at anything. Tracy’s programme helped me find my centre and get going in a logical supported way.  There were no ‘special foods’ and nothing to give up and instead lots of knowledge that helped me integrate healthy changes.  

The course had some challenging moments facing up to personal traits and issues but these moments were often the break through realisations I needed to understand what motivates me. I’m now working positively towards my goals and loving the new stamina I have from increasing my exercise. I’m not 100% there yet and some days I still muck it up but I’m on my way with my new toolkit in hand, loving the journey and confident I’ll succeed.

Thanks so much Tracy!                                                   

Pam O 15/4/2019


I really enjoyed the experience of having a coach who supported and encouraged me to make changes in my life to achieve my goals.

In the 90 days I changed my thinking and developed new habits, taking small steps to work towards the desired end result.

The program felt personalized and not prescriptive. There were some aspects that I struggled with but Tracy was non-judgmental and able to give me real life examples to help me to engage with these tasks.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to make changes in their life. It requires lots of reflection, accountability and follow through on mutually agreed action steps between sessions, but being able to celebrate “What’s Going Well“ is uplifting.

From a very satisfied client


I first started training with Tracy 8 years ago when she was a trainer at Contours in Caroline Springs where she was one of my favourite trainers, I especially loved her fitball classes.

When Contours closed she messaged me asking if I would be interested in training at BuzzFit, her new business that she was setting up. I was scared and a little bit reluctant at first, but it was the best decision i ever made.

Since joining BuzzFit I’ve lost over 10kg and about 40-60cms and shes challenged me on so many levels and has taught me so much about my body and myself.

Tracy has challenged me by running step challenges, chasing the gingerbread man around Victoria, 4 & 6 week challenges which involved meal plans, extra classes and support that you wouldn’t believe, 14 day cleanse was also another one.

Her classes are always different and motivating and are run to get the best out of it for you.

I also love that I have made some lifelong friends at BuzzFit. I tell everyone about Tracy and BuzzFit and will continue to do so, it’s the greatest decision I made.

Kim P


Since the beginning of BuzzFit, I have thoroughly enjoyed attending multiple classes every week during school terms.  Tracy always welcomes you with a smile and accommodates all ages and fitness levels in her classes.  I like the small group sizes and have made many friends through BuzzFit.  We often have quite a few giggles during our workouts.  I find it makes the exercises easier with a bit of laughter and chit chat.

During the year Tracy organises various optional challenges which are very rewarding.  It’s amazing what can be accomplished when a little competitive nature comes out.  I would thoroughly recommend BuzzFit to anyone wanting a safe, caring environment to work out.

Belinda G


I have been attending BuzzFit for many years.  Tracy Rich was a trainer at my former gym.  BuzzFit has helped me at age 61, stay active and healthy.

I have found Tracy to be very motivating in her business and encouraging all levels of her clients to reach their potential fitness.  It is a friendly and happy environment, of which I enjoy attending 3 sessions a week.  Classes are always different and cater to all levels of fitness.

I would definitely recommend BuzzFit to my friends.

Chris C


I had a bad habit of joining a gym and paying every month but wouldn’t go as I felt intimidated.  All that changed when I joined BuzzFit.  What I love about BuzzFit is that it is a relaxed & friendly environment and all the workouts are different.  You can be doing cardio, weights or boxing you never know what class you will be doing until you get there.  The people that I have met are very supportive and you can always have a laugh while working out.

I have done several challenges since joining BuzzFit, the first was a cleanse, this made you think about how foods react to your healthy gut.  I am currently doing a six week challenge and I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying.  Not only does it incorporate the exercise side but also the nutritional side as well.  The people involved in the challenge are a great bunch, they spur you on to give it your all. 

I went from going two sessions a week to five or six session and I am really starting to see the benefits.  If you are thinking that you want to get fit or you want to lose a few kilos then I can  thoroughly recommend joining you won’t regret, it I haven’t

Sharon L 22/2/2019


Tracy’s honest, hardworking and inclusive approach to improving health and wellbeing, has made such a difference to my confidence to keep active and to giving fitness challenges a go! The BuzzFit community, led so positively by Tracy, is supportive and encouraging so that you never feel awkward if you just can’t make that plank last as long as you were supposed to! Tracy’s exercise routines and programs are tailored to ‘Challenge’ and ‘Change’ while still being fun and enjoyable! The one thing that keeps me coming back to BuzzFit is that even when I think I can’t, Tracy never stops believing that I can and so I do! Thanks Tracy for giving me the right frame of mind to gain energy, strength and stamina!